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When the gods of magic choose Kailani as their champion she must save the kingdom from a strange darkness or risk not only her own life, but the lives of those she loves.



Description of violence, death of a parent, anxiety, depression

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was born curious. She is goofy, friendly, and doesn’t care what people think of her. She doesn’t tolerate people bullying her or her friends. In her free time, Kailani loves painting and making potions in her parent’s apothecary shop, where her and her friends spent most of their time after school. Kailani hopes to be granted Vita magic and follow in her mom’s footsteps of making potions for her town.

Kailani Slate


prides herself on being hard working and nurturing. She comes from a very prestigious family, and oftentimes gets anxious under her parent’s high expectations. She spends most of her free time studying, but her secret hobby is cartography, where she explores maps of the Far Lands and pretends she’s on her own wild adventures. Lyla can be a bit of a perfectionist but she enjoys spending time with Kailani’s quirky family. She hopes to be granted Charm magic and get an apprenticeship at Magnolia Hospital.

Lyla Hollingsworth


is fiercely loyal and never fails to make people laugh. An excellent empath, Patrick was born with a rare gift called The Power of Touch which allows him to take on the emotions of others and see memories when he touches a person or object. Patrick is a caretaker and is extremely devoted to his dad, the only family he has left. Patrick hopes to be granted Vita magic and get an apprenticeship in caring for magical creatures.

Patrick Mahoney

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