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At fifteen, all mages are assigned a legacy according to their aptitude. 

Charm for healing. Vita for creation. Kairo for power. Brute for strength. Luminate for knowledge. Strange for darkness. 

Kailani knows the Choosing Ceremony will determine her future, but while those around her all wield strengths, it seems her magic has never been strong enough. She’s terrified of her deepest fear coming true – being left behind in her crumbling town while her friends move on without her.  But everything changes when the gods choose Kailani as their champion and give her a quest– a strange darkness threatens to overtake the kingdom and she must stop a blood moon ritual before the kingdom is lost for good. 


When her parents are arrested for rebellion, Kailani must stop the ritual and save her parents by retrieving a staff blessed by the gods. But wielding the staff might come at too high a price. If she can’t, she not only risks her own life, but the lives of those she loves.  


 "Prepare to be transported to a world that will leave you utterly enchanted. Incredible worldbuilding, fascinating lore, and riveting characters. The Champion's Quest is a triumph."


Cristina Macari, author of Secrets of Isoria

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