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Outline Critique

For all the plotters out there.


Having good bones before going into a story can help tremendously when writers block kicks in. I will look through your outline and offer in depth feedback to make sure your outline stays on track via the 3 act structure.

First Chapter Critique

Your first chapter has a lot of shoes to fill.

It must hook the reader, introduce your character and world, and set the tone of your story, all without bogging the reader down. This will be your first chance at impressing any reader or agent. I will read through your first chapter and offer feedback on how to hook your reader without overwhelming them.

One pass ~ 4,000 word limit.

A brief synopsis of your book is required.

First Three Chapters Critique

Same thing as the first chapter critique, but three chapters.

One pass ~ 12,000 word limit.

A brief synopsis of your book is required.

Full Novel Critique

Get line by line feedback on your full manuscript.

This is not a line edit or copy edit. Grammar and sentence structure edits may be included for reference, but will not be the main focus.

One pass.


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